Helping people to love their clothes.

My first ice cream.

Did you know that extending the life of clothes by just nine extra months of active use reduces our carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 30%!

How did The Seam begin?

Our founder Layla grew up in Birmingham where her grandmother, a professional dressmaker, would alter and repair all of her clothes. After moving to London in 2019, Layla no longer lived near to her nan and struggled to find somewhere to have her clothes tailored!

She soon began to fall out of love with her clothes. She cared for them less and would even buy clothes that never got worn. At that point she realised that in order to make fashion truly sustainable, clothes needed to be loved! So in 2019 she founded The Seam, starting in Hackney and quickly expanding across London. The Seam is now preparing to launch in other locations across the UK so sign-up and let us know where you’d like to see us next!

Are you a Maker?

The Seam offers you a good way to earn some extra cash! If you have the skills to sew and earn some money, why not complete paid projects for people in your neighbourhood? Or if you are working on a project that requires specialist skills that you haven’t yet mastered, why not collaborate with other Makers in your neighbourhood?

Are you a Customer?

Search for local Makers who specialise in the type of project you need doing, whether that’s a simple repair or something made to measure. Use our simple search filters to discover local Makers near you who specialise in the service you need. You can even request for your Maker to visit you for a fitting at home or your workplace, it really couldn’t be any easier!

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