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A guide to restoration & cleaning services

The Seam's Makers provide professional restoration and cleaning services for bags and shoes using industry-standard techniques and materials. Are Makers are specialists in what they do, and we always do our best to understand and adapt to the unique properties of each item we care for. We recommend reviewing the disclaimers below to understand what you can expect from your service, and be aware of potential outcomes. 

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Stain Removal:

We cannot guarantee the removal of any stains. Although our Makers do their outmost to achieve great results, areas that are heavily soiled may be difficult to clean well and the final outcome can not be guaranteed.

Exposure of Wear and Tear:

Cleaning may expose wear and tear hidden by dirt. In such cases, we will notify you and offer to upgrade your service to restore the colour to these areas. We are not liable for this damage as it is not caused by our cleaning process.

Texture Changes:

The texture of the item may slightly change from the original after our services. The extent of this change depends on the severity of the damage and the amount of product applied.

Colour Matching:

When restoring leather, we match the colour to the most original part of the item, usually found on the inside. For partial restorations, we match the colour to the surrounding area to help it blend better.

Natural Flaws:

Adhesives, defects, and faults camouflaged during manufacture may become more apparent after cleaning. We cannot always disguise these natural flaws or completely remove adhesives. All items are accepted for cleaning at your own risk.

Vacchetta and Vegetable tanned leathers:

These leathers are naturally dyed without protective treatments, making them a highly absorbent material. This quality leads to easy staining and colour changes over time. Due to these characteristics, we cannot guarantee the final results of cleaning and restoration services.

Material and Process:

We do not warrant the use of manufacturer original materials or processes. Where original materials are not available, parts and colours will be matched as closely as possible to the original or to the agreed specification.

Leather Shine: ​

Cleaning leather removes dirt and can dull shine which has developed over time. We can offer additional services to increase the shine of the leather, at an additional cost.

Hardware cleaning:

Whilst we offer hardware polish and cleaning services, we are not able to restore the plating finish to hardware. Hardware polish and cleaning will remove dirt and add surface shine, not restore the original finish or remove oxidation marks or scratches. 


We cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of any accessories, such as dust bags, locks, credit cards, etc., that are not noted on our system in the booking chat.


All items are accepted for work at your own risk. We are not liable for any loss of value against manufacturer original models after our service.



No liability will be accepted for depreciation in value if an item is repaired to a reasonably satisfactory standard.


If you are unhappy with our work, contact us within 48 hours of receipt. If we determine that the Maker is liable or at fault for our complaint, we will repair or alter the item to your satisfaction at our cost. We will reimburse your dispatch costs with valid receipt evidence.

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