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Here’s how we repaired fashion in 2023…

In the run up to the New Year, we’re celebrating a year of big milestones and our wins for circular fashion, 12-days-of-Christmas-style:


We are proud to call ourselves the one and only repair business in the UK that services clothing, footwear, handbags and jewellery, for customers anywhere in the UK, and local Makers who offer home fittings.


Our most popular repair video on Instagram and TikTok has been watched more than 2 million times. All thanks to our skilled Makers who show off the magic of their craft.


This year we won 3 industry awards for our work in revolutionising circular fashion – eBay’s Circular Fashion Fund, Westfield’s UK Grand Prix People’s Choice Award, and Xero’s Beautiful Business Fund. 


Our team has grown, not in size but in learning. We have grown our business 300% - still with a 4 person team! And we’ve done it through automated processes, AI, and a whole lot of passion. 


Five stars on Google. Every single Google review we received this year was a five-star review, and of more than 100 customers who left us a review, this one’s our favourite: 


We divide the items booked through The Seam into six brand categories to help us understand the value of items coming in for repair. Here’s the breakdown from 2023…


Our social media following grew by 700% to more than 110k followers this year. We hear from people all around the world every single day, who we might not be able to service, yet, but keep us excited about global expansion. 


We onboarded Makers in 8 new cities this year – Brighton, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Exeter, Bristol, Bath, and Oxford for a total of 15 cities, including Greater London and Edinburgh.


We launched 9 new brand partnerships in 2023. And there are many more exciting collaborations in the works for the year to come.


More than ten thousand (10,000+) booking inquiries made on our platform in 2023 for repairs, restoration, alterations and cleaning services. 


We ran 11 in-store pop-up events with Joseph Fashion, Jigsaw, Wolf & Badger, River Island, Verde, Round Retail and more. 


12 months of growth. This year, our monthly revenue by 300% from the start of the year until now, with a growth in bookings and revenue every single month. 

Here’s to our amazing customer community, our talented Makers and everyone else who made The Seam’s 2023 a smash hit! Here’s to another year of repairing fashion together. 


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